Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elevating My Ordinary!

'Elevate the Ordinary', what a great title for the photography ecourse I am taking created by Andrea Scher.  And, what fun I have had so far.  I decided to take the ecourse for several reasons.  I want to understand and make better use of my camera (it's a pretty cool camera)....take better pics....document the progression of my jewelry....see things with a new perspective...art journal my days. 

Here are some of my first shots:

This is Chino, my son's Chihuahua Yorkie.  He is the sweetest little guy.  I love this pic of him.

I was fascinated that the same scene, framed or turned differently completely changed the way you perceived it.  Asked to think about what draws us in, this is what I found....

Color!  I bit of a stretch finding much in February in my backyard!

Closeness and detail.

Lines and angles.

Shadows and shapes.

Now remember, these are the first shots.....quality of photo will come (I'm hoping).  My perspective is changing. This is so much FUN!

Grabbing my camera.  Gotta go!

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