Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elevating My Ordinary!

'Elevate the Ordinary', what a great title for the photography ecourse I am taking created by Andrea Scher.  And, what fun I have had so far.  I decided to take the ecourse for several reasons.  I want to understand and make better use of my camera (it's a pretty cool camera)....take better pics....document the progression of my jewelry....see things with a new perspective...art journal my days. 

Here are some of my first shots:

This is Chino, my son's Chihuahua Yorkie.  He is the sweetest little guy.  I love this pic of him.

I was fascinated that the same scene, framed or turned differently completely changed the way you perceived it.  Asked to think about what draws us in, this is what I found....

Color!  I bit of a stretch finding much in February in my backyard!

Closeness and detail.

Lines and angles.

Shadows and shapes.

Now remember, these are the first shots.....quality of photo will come (I'm hoping).  My perspective is changing. This is so much FUN!

Grabbing my camera.  Gotta go!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreaming Big!

     I am taking an incredible ecourse called 'Hello Soul, Hello Business', created by two amazing women (Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls). What an apt title for this ecourse and so applicable to my jewelry business.  It is amazing to me how God brings things into my life exactly when I need them.

     'Hello Soul, Hello Business' has two phases:  the dreaming phase and the doing phase.  We are currently dreaming.  Allow me to directly quote Kelly Rae in explaining: 'the dreaming phase is all about defining the soul of your biz and smartly organizing everything about your biz around your mission, your purpose, who you want to serve, how you want to serve them, and with what you want to give to the world through your biz'. 

     This is my defining, I thought I'd share it with you....
     A little background, this all started about a year and a half ago, when in the midst of turmoil God gave me a new song.  New Year's Day 2011, mid-morning sitting on the back patio with a steaming cup of coffee, 6-inches of snow on the ground in Allen, TX (amazing!).  I glance up and see a lone rose standing bravely among the winter ravaged thorns, it's face lifted to the sunlight, pedals gently unfolding. 

     I saw myself, and God's whisper of Hope.  And, my heart lifted.  I had come through the storm, and though it may not be over, I was standing in His light.  And, He was giving me a new song.  The jewelry design and business is a gift from Him, it feeds my creative soul.  My "something better born from Grace".  When I figured that out, I wanted to use it to serve Him.

     My WHY...God gave me this creative passion for jewelry design.  And, in the process of learning and creating, I am refining.  He teaches me things about myself and about Him.  I want to share that with other women.  He sees you, and He sees me.  He is doing this and I am expanding.  I didn't know I had this in me.  It's like the disjointed notes have been rearranged and now a beautiful melody is playing.  I want to use the financial and the knowledge to serve Him.

    My WHO...mostly women.  We are unique, individual, beautiful, spontaneous, nurturing, soulful, loving, silly, enlightened, and quirky.  We each have a story.  We can learn so much from each other.  I want to reach out to and surround myself with those who celebrate the unique, who love to see the processes and the results of God's Hand in our lives.  Those women who need encouragement, to feel special, feel pretty (inside and out), those who need hope.  God led me to a special WHO, also.

     My WHAT...jewelry, blogging my insights, my progress and failures, teaching, tutorials, craft donations, mentoring and workshops.

     Our third week in, we were told to DREAM BIG, and remove from our mind all the obstacles (financial, physical, etc).
     DREAM BIG....really BIG!! When I let the dream rocket go, I was bombarded with crazy ideas swirling through my brain at warp speed. Dream Big you say, OK here goes.....now let's see where God takes all of this!!